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Serving Panama City, FL


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The 5 Best Reasons to Replace Your Old HVAC System With a Heat Pump


Although heat pumps have been around since 1945, they’ve recently become one of the most popular types of HVAC systems for new installations across the country. A heat pump is similar to a standard air conditioner, but where an air conditioner can only provide cooling to a home, a heat pump can operate in both heating and cooling modes. 

Let’s look at the best five reasons to switch over to a heat pump when you upgrade your HVAC system this year.

#1 – Two-in-One, Year-Round Comfort

This is the biggest benefit, and often the only one anybody needs to decide to make the switch to a heat pump. Rather than using a separate air conditioning system and furnace, you can replace both with a single heat pump and have your year-round comfort needs taken care of. A heat pump operates the same when either in heating mode or cooling mode—all it needs to switch from one to the other is to change the direction that refrigerant rotates through it.

#2 – Energy Savings = Money Savings

Heat pumps are energy-efficient devices that can help households reduce their energy consumption during the year. The difference is most notable in heating mode. Heat pumps don’t use energy to generate heat. Instead, they use energy to move already existing heat.

It costs much less energy to move heat out of your home in winter than to generate it by burning fuel or using electrical resistance elements. The energy savings are often enough for a heat pump to pay for its installation after several years.

#3 – Perfect for Our Climate

One drawback to heat pumps is that they can struggle with energy efficiency in extremely cold weather because they’re drawing on the heat energy in cold air. This isn’t a problem for us in Panama City. Our coldest winters get nowhere near the point where it would harm a heat pump’s ability to work at its best. And the cooling half of a heat pump is as powerful as a standalone AC of the same size.

#4 – Safety

Do you dislike the idea of burning natural gas for winter heating? Many people do, and more homeowners are looking to ditch natural gas wherever possible. If the safety of your home heating system concerns you, heat pumps are a great alternative: they don’t combust gas, they don’t release harmful emissions, and their surface doesn’t even get hot when they’re on.

#5 – Environmentally Beneficial

Heat pumps are at the forefront of improving the environmental impact of HVAC systems. Heat pumps reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with other types of heating, thus helping to combat climate change. Their energy efficiency also lowers overall energy demands, another boon to the environment.

If you’re looking for a heat pump replacement in Panama City, FL for your old HVAC system, reach out to our team today. We can answer any questions you may have about making the change. We’ll make sure you have the right type of HVAC system to meet your needs.

Call Parker Services, Inc for heat pump services and more. Comfort’s just a call away! 

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