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Serving Panama City, FL

Serving Panama City, FL


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Yes, You Still Need to Schedule Heating Maintenance


It’s December, and as we’re writing this, the temperature outside is a pleasant 75°F. Quite typical for this part of Florida at this time of the year. Winter weather arrives late, and the winters are mild compared to much of the rest of the country. 

So when we start to talk about scheduling your heating maintenance for winter, you might think it’s not that important. You can skip it this year, and maybe the next, and maybe the next… 

And that’s one of the reasons we urge you to get heating maintenance in December: it’s easy to put it off to the point that you end up never getting it done. And that can be a big disaster for your comfort!

Why Heating Maintenance Is Important Even in Florida

Although we like to think of Florida as a year-round sunny paradise, we do experience cold and rainy days. Many winter evenings drop into the 40s—and you definitely need heating for those situations. Our winters may arrive late and leave early, but we definitely have them. You need a heating system that works in prime condition each season, and the regular tune-ups and inspections done during maintenance are the best way to achieve that.

There are other reasons why annual maintenance is important:

  • Safety: Do you use a gas-powered furnace for heat? Then you need maintenance to help ensure it runs safely. During maintenance, technicians carefully inspect the system to find any places where the furnace needs repairs or attention to prevent safety hazards.
  • Energy savings: You don’t want to pay more for heat than you need to, especially in Florida. But if you allow your heating system to suffer from neglect, it will soon start to cost more to operate. After a few years, you might be paying 25% more to run your heater than you should.
  • Reliability: Heating maintenance gives you the peace of mind that your heating system will work when you need it to. There’s very little chance your heater will break down on you if it’s received professional attention.
  • Fewer repairs: Here’s another way maintenance saves you money—it halves the number of repairs the heater will need during its service life. That’s correct: the majority of repairs that heaters need are due to maintenance neglect.
  • Longer service life: Missing maintenance will lower the life expectancy of your heating system, possibly leading to an early replacement.
  • Warranty protection: Most heating systems’ equipment warranties require proof of receiving professional maintenance to keep them valid.

We Offer Excellent HVAC Maintenance Service

If you’re looking for maintenance for your heating in Panama City, FL, you’ve come to the right place. We offer maintenance through The Peak Performance Service Agreement. When you join, you’ll have regular HVAC service to ensure you get reliable and affordable comfort year-round. This maintenance service covers both your heater and your air conditioning—and maintenance for an AC is critical considering how much heat we get during the year. As a member of the Service Agreement, you’ll also receive special perks like a 15% discount on repairs.

Call Parker Services, Inc today to arrange your annual heating maintenance. Comfort’s just a call away!

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