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Serving Panama City, FL

Serving Panama City, FL


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It’s Already Time to Think About AC Maintenance


The winters in Panama City are short and often warm. It’s one of the reasons we’re a popular winter vacation spot. These short winters mean that hot weather is never too far away and now that we’re in the last full month of winter, it’s a good time to bring up the most important HVAC job you can have done in a year: scheduling air conditioning maintenance with trusted professionals.

Air Conditioning Maintenance—Not a Luxury, a Necessity!

People often forget about regular maintenance for their air conditioning system because they think of it as a bonus service and not something that they have to do every year. There’s no law against skipping maintenance—but there are steep consequences for comfort and savings! Based on our experience with HVAC equipment, we think maintenance is an absolute necessity.

Here are several reasons you want to have maintenance done every year:

  • Reduce repair needs: Did you know that more than half of the repairs that air conditioners need during their service lives are due to a lack of maintenance? That’s a large amount—and an even larger chunk of change when you total up the repair costs. By just staying current with maintenance, more than 50% of future repairs will vanish.
  • Extend equipment life: Maintenance removes much of the strain an AC accumulates over the year, and that’s plenty in our climate! This helps to slow down aging so the air conditioning system can have the longest possible service life. Without maintenance, an air conditioner may fail many years early and only live up to half its potential lifespan.
  • Improve energy efficiency: The stress placed on an air conditioner will cause it to begin to lose energy efficiency, dropping around 5% each year without maintenance. On the other hand, with maintenance, an AC will only lose 5% of its efficiency for most of its service life. You’ll pay less every time you turn on the cooling in your house. 
  • Keep the AC reliable: You don’t want to have your air conditioner shut down on you right in the middle of the hottest day in July. But that’s far more likely to happen if the AC missed having annual maintenance. Getting your AC tuned up before it takes the “long drive” through the summer is the best way to avoid cooling emergencies. 

Our Peak Performance Service Agreement

We offer air conditioning maintenance in Panama City, FL through our Peak Performance Service Agreement. When you join, you’ll receive annual inspections and tune-ups for your air conditioner and your heater.

Each spring, our technicians will give your AC the care it needs: cleaning the coils, treating the condensate pan for algae, checking refrigerant levels, checking motors, lubricating moving parts, calibrating the thermostat, looking for loose or burnt connections in relays and contacts, and more. 

In addition to maintaining service, membership gives you special benefits: priority service and a 15% discount on parts. Call us today to find out more details and to sign up. We’ll get you on the schedule so you don’t miss out on great cooling for your house.

Contact Parker Services, Inc today to schedule your air conditioning maintenance. Comfort’s just a call away!

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