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Serving Panama City, FL


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Watch Out for These AC Troubles at the End of Summer


Anyone who has lived in Florida for at least a few summers understands that the heat and humidity of the second half of the season is often the worst. Getting your air conditioning system through July doesn’t mean you’ve made it over the hump and the rest is all downhill. The heat has much more to throw at you, and you need to ensure you AC can handle it.

When you run into cooling system trouble, you can count on our technicians for quality air conditioning repair in Panama City, FL. You want to catch these problems as early as possible so we can get to work before the situation worsens and you end up with a more expensive repair—or a boiling house with a failed AC. Below, we’ve listed some late summer AC issues we recommend you watch for.

Overheating AC

Manufacturers design ACs to withstand intense heat, but an air conditioner will overheat if it’s pushed too hard. Burnt-out motors will cause an air conditioner to shut down, and a burnt-out compressor is the worst possible malfunction since it usually means replacing the entire AC.

An early sign of an overheating problem is if the air conditioner starts to trip its circuit breaker. If this continues to happen, the air conditioner is so strained that it’s overloading its circuit. Also, watch for an air conditioner that keeps shutting off early and grinding noises from the unit that warn a motor is about to fail.

Short Cycling

A common trouble for air conditioners that have too much strain placed on them is short cycling. This is when the AC’s compressor starts up a cooling cycle, but then shuts off before it can complete it. Cooling cycles should last around 15 minutes. When your AC runs in cycles of less than 10 minutes and keeps turning on and off, you may need to have professionals investigate what’s wrong.

Uneven Cooling

A big warning sign of an air conditioner that’s possibly headed for a complete breakdown is when the unit can’t provide even cooling around your home. Do you have family members complaining that they’re rooms are too hot even though you’ve got the AC running at standard power? Something is harming the AC’s cooling capacity or its airflow. It might be something simple like a clogged air filter, or as catastrophic as an over-the-hill unit that’s going to break down soon.

Higher Humidity

Although your AC is not specifically designed as a dehumidifier, it does have an effect on humidity levels. When an air conditioner starts to lose capacity due to any number of malfunctions, it may cause a noticeable increase in indoor humidity. This is a good warning to call technicians to check out the unit.

Ice on the AC

No, ice on an air conditioner isn’t a sign that it’s working really well! Ice should never appear on any part of the air conditioner. If you see ice on the evaporator coil, it means something is restricting the refrigerant in the coil from absorbing enough heat. Call technicians to examine the unit and find the source of the frozen coil.

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